Multiple security

Secure your facility, fields, parking and more with 1 or multiple QR code readers.

Encrypted technologies

In addition to the QR code, the reader is compatible with RFID badges and even Android smartphones.

Autonomous system

Control access and lighting without an Internet connection, 100% securely.

Automatic lighting

The system controls lighting for each reservation without any intervention from you.

How does it work?

Reservation via SportFinder

The player chooses the time slot and field that suits him. He can invite other players and add options: lighting, parking access, equipment, etc. Payment is made online and it is possible to pay for other people.

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QR Code Generation and Access

Once the reservation is paid and confirmed, a QR code is generated and available in the application. Depending on your facilities, choose to grant access to the parking lot, the establishment and/or the locker rooms a few minutes before the start of the match.

QR Code Scan and Lights

No Internet connection required!

The player only needs to scan to access the reserved facilities. At the beginning of the session and depending on the ambient light, the field lights up. At the end, the lighting goes out, signaling to the player to leave the field to make way for the next player.

The access system in action

Where and when to adopt it?

Advantages of our Access Control System


The solution does not require an Internet subscription, a monthly or annual license to operate. You do not need to purchase and distribute badges to your members. It's simple for you and your members.


The system controls opening and lighting for each reservation without any intervention from you or your employees. Enjoy double savings in terms of both human resources and energy.


The solution is resistant to power outages. By connecting a battery, you don't have to worry about power cuts. Don't suffer from the vagaries of your Internet connection; the system is autonomous.

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is access control?
Access control is the practice of regulating and restricting access to a physical or digital space. It involves the use of various security measures and technologies to manage who can enter a specific area or use certain resources. In the context of our system, access control refers to the use of secure methods such as QR codes, RFID badges and others to control access to sports facilities, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter and use the equipment.
2. Why do I need an access control system for my sports club?
An access control system enhances the security of your facility, enables efficient reservation management and provides members with a smooth access experience. It can also help you reduce costs related to manpower and energy.
3. How does an access control system work?
We generate an encrypted QR code, secured using powerful security algorithms. This QR code contains instructions for access, lighting and all the services the user has reserved.
4. How can I request a quote for the installation of an access control system?
You can request a quote by contacting us directly. We will connect you with providers compatible with our platform, who will advise you and provide a personalized offer.
5. How long does it take to install an access control system?
It depends on your facilities. Your electrician will be able to handle the installation. The system setup is straightforward.
6. How can I use my access control system remotely?
Yes, You would need to connect the system to Internet via an Ethernet cable or a 4G module. You will be able to access the web interface hosted on the reader itself and access various features.
7. Is an Internet connection required?
No, our system can operate without an Internet connection. However, for remote access to certain features, an Internet connection may be necessary via an Ethernet connection or a 4G module.
8. Does the system work during power outages?
Yes, our system is resilient and can operate during power outages if you use a backup battery. It is designed to ensure the continuous availability of your facilities.

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